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Meet Our Team


Brittany S.
Skilled Administrative Assistant
Customer Support

Brittany is an Administrative Support Professional with over 10 years of customer service-related experience, Brittany will thrive for what our client’s want and need. Most of her experience is in the highly demanding healthcare industry. Her experience in the healthcare industry has shaped her to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment and she is very detail oriented.




Heather Travis
Skilled Administrative Assistant
Customer Support

Heather is a multi-facet and skilled administrative assistant with extensive experience in the real estate and other industries.  She has the people and phone skills that help our clients reconnect effectively with their customers and prospects.  Heather stands out for her unwavering determination and dedication to assisting our clients.


Ismar Meza
Marketing Manager & Content Creator
 Marketing Support

Ismar is a digital marketing professional with extensive experience in the industry. Over the past three years, she has had the opportunity to work for different agencies and brands around the world, in various areas of digital marketing, which has given her the chance to acquire valuable and practical knowledge.

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Michell Simmons
Customer Support, Graphic Design
& Administration

Administrative & Customer Support

Michell assists entrepreneurs with creative and administrative tasks. Whether it’s graphic design, social media, customer support, or data entry, she excels at detail and creativity. Helping others achieve their goals is her passion, reinforced by years of customer service.  Her work history within retail, hospitality, and food service equipped her with extensive experience interacting with people of varying needs and challenges. READ MORE


Robin Hurd
Customer Support

Robin Hurd has over 5 years of business management and ownership experience. She thrives on being a part of her client's success stories by providing organized, accurate bookkeeping services. She helps businesses gain peace of mind over their finances through informative financial reporting.  She always aims to do the best work and prides herself on being personable, flexible, and supportive in her relationships. READ MORE


Jenn Dickle
Tenacious Clutter Tamer

Jodi Hinkle Profile Photo_edited.png

Jody Hinkle
Business Coach

In a world filled with challenges, setbacks, and uncertainties, it is essential to cultivate a perspective of opportunity so that you can tap into an energy stream that propels you toward extraordinary achievements, personally and professionally.  READ MORE

Jenn Dickel is a Professional Organizer at Seasonal Navigation Organizing. Her specialty is that of a home / office organizer that helps entrepreneurs organize and manage their office files and possessions. These projects can range from rearranging a specific room or office to organizing the entire home. 


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