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Meet Our Team

Michell assists entrepreneurs with creative and administrative tasks. Whether it’s graphic design, social media, customer support, or data entry, she excels at detail and creativity. Helping others achieve their goals is her passion, reinforced by years of customer service.  Her work history within retail, hospitality, and food service equipped her with extensive experience interacting with people of varying needs and challenges.  These skills were invaluable when Michell offered her expertise and energy to local and online businesses, as an administrator and graphic designer. Data entry, inventory management, and customer service were just some of the duties she performed for an online bookshop. Her scheduling, task management, and customer service resulted in a fully booked-out cleaning company.

This skilled professional’s graphic design and communications background has enabled her to also work in the publishing and promotional field. As a professional graphic designer, she created dynamic logos, business cards, and social media advertisements. Michell’s fine arts training, editing skills and formatting experience were most recently utilized for Shadow House Publishing, resulting in three #1 Amazon Bestsellers.

Michell values efficiency, teamwork, and dependability, as well as how precious time is. For the tasks you find yourself wanting to put off or delegate, let her handle the load and free up your time. She is here to serve!


Fun Facts about Michell

• I have co-edited Cats Creep, a #1 Amazon Bestseller

• I am an avid foodie and love to cook and bake

• I am interested in mysticism, astrology, and divination

• I love learning about other cultures

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