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Our Affiliate Network

As we continue to work with our amazing clients, we realize that we can better support their growth by catering to all of the needs they may have to effectively structure and scale their business.  More than just a service provider we become a partner in their business and with that in mind, BEVA has developed the Affiliate Network Program.


Meet our Affiliates and learn more about their business and their services.

CURA4U Logo.png


Affordable Healthcare Services

Cura4u is the best alternative to subdue the increasing cost of healthcare services for your business and employees.  Businesses can now offer benefits to attract and retain talent at no cost to you the employer.

HerQuest LOGO.png


Business Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

HerQuest coaching approach assist female business professionals navigate the complexities of feeling obligated, differentiate between genuine commitments and self-imposed obligations, and align actions with authentic desires, resulting in the elimination of unnecessary burdens and creating space for personal growth and professional success.


Impact your Marketing with Reels & Videos

Get impactful sales results with a marketing video / reels. Videos or Reels allow you to create content that users can engage with and digest quicker than reading. Marketing videos has the ability to icrease conversion rates by 80%. Get your message across effectively and see your business grow.

Joon LOGO.01.png


Custom Business Phone Services

Joon provides reliable business phone service, VoIP services, hardware, and softphone apps using state-of-the-art cloud technology and the power of the Internet.

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