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Our Mission


Business Essentials Virtual Assistant was founded by Inez Nazario-Vega, a serial entrepreneur that understands first hand the challenges of starting, maintaining and growing a business.  She understands that entrepreneurs start businesses with a vision, a passion and the desire to make a difference and contribute to our society with their talents.  But not long after entrepreneurs begin their journey, the day to day tasks to run the business operation becomes overwhelming for even the strongest of entrepreneurs.  It can lead to discouragement, tiredness and a feeling of giving up.  This is why Inez founded Business Essentials. 


OUR MISSION is to help busy entrepreneurs and

small business owners that are ready to

scale and grow their business


But Inez's mission doesn't stop there.  As a homeschool parent of her daughter Veronica, she also understands the need for stay at home parents to generate an income while providing their children with a good education.  Therefore, Business Essentials is also on a mission to...


help qualified stay at home parents

generate or increase their household income

while enjoying a balanced lifestyle

Our Core Values



We provide our clients with the highest standard of service

through reliability, consistency and honesty


Our combined years of business adminstration experience is more

than 30 years.  It is our team's experience that makes

Business Essential a preferred choice for

entrepreneurs and business owners


We work hard and get things done for our clients.

We do so on time and at or under budget


We help businesses scale and grow

in a manner that not only generates more revenue, but also

increases economic opportunities for our communities

Organized and Efficient

Inez can take an organization from ashes to productivity in no time.  I have worked with her in several projects and she has never failed to impress me with her organizational skills.

Elsie Mendez


Executive Director

Let’s Start Working Together!

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