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Meet Our Team

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Jenn Dickle
Tenacious Clutter Tamer

Jenn Dickel is a Professional Organizer at Seasonal Navigation Organizing. Her specialty is that of a home / office organizer that helps entrepreneurs organize and manage their office files and possessions. These projects can range from rearranging a specific room or office to organizing the entire home.


Successful entrepreneurs appreciate and know the value of a tidy office and organized processes.  They get to enjoy the inner peace and calm that comes from being able to find their stuff. An orderly office provides deep satisfaction, sense of control, inspiration and a new level of productivity.  Jenn can and will help you experience this and more.


Jenn is a DeLand native and graduate of the University of Central Florida.  Her extensive knowledge in managing thousands of pieces of medical instruments, logistics, sales operations, traveling training labs, tradeshow logistics, and construction project management all come in handy as she helps people navigate new seasons of life. 


From decluttering your office or home, transitioning from a divorce, empty nesting, or any other life transition, Jenn will be there, walking you through and guiding you in setting up your new systems and surroundings as you adapt to your new season of life.


Fun Facts about Jenn

  • I love strong coffee; expresso is my BFF.

  • Lover of books & reading 

  • The world stops when I get a visit from a hummingbird, butterfly, or a bird. Hold the phone if there is a puppy!

  • I always stop to smell the roses & admire the flowers.

  • I love Jesus and my apple bottom jeans. 

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