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Meet Our Team

Ismar Meza Profile Image.png

Ismar is a digital marketing professional with extensive experience in the industry. Over the past three years, she has had the opportunity toto work for different agencies and brands around the world, in various areas of digital marketing, which has given her the chance to acquire valuable and practical knowledge. Her work experience has been enriching, as she has had the opportunity to work on different projects, from advertising campaigns on social media to content management on blogs and websites.

Ismar's experience in digital marketing has allowed her to develop essential skills for brand positioning on social media, as well as a deep understanding of the current market and trends.

Fun Facts about Ismar


  • I am from Venezuela, from the city of Valencia.

  • I love the beach and always go in my free time, as I live just 20 minutes away from it.

  • I am a fan of always doing new things and enjoying different experiences.

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