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Meet Our Team

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Nathan Gulden
Creative Visual & Social Media Specialist
Social Media Marketing & Customer Support

Nathan is a part of the new wave of young adults in this ever-changing technological world. He wants to help create new ways for

businesses to market themselves, while also adding his own creative “Gen Z” flare to the mix.

Nathan’s first profession experience was with a company called Invictus in his home country of Belize for 6 months as a customer service representative. He then decided to relocate to the capitol of Washington State, Olympia, where he now resides. Where he lacks in experience, he makes up for in dedication, hard work, and critical thinking.


His exceptional personality and knowledge over his professional journey qualify him to offer clients with a range of professional services in the areas of general administration, customer support and marketing.


Fun Facts about Nathan


•         I’m originally from São Paulo, Brazil

•         I have two cats named Ansel and Levi (I love them more than life itself)

•         I love meeting new people and learning about and from different cultures.

•         I love to travel, so much so that I have visited 16 countries

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