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Meet Our Team

Brittany Spittal Profile Image.png

Brittany is an Administrative Support Professional with over 10 years of customer service-related experience, Brittany will thrive for what our client’s want and need. Most of her experience is in the highlydemanding healthcare industry. Her experience in the healthcare industry has shaped her to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment and she is very detail oriented.


Brittany is an advocate for healthy relationships and strives to assist clients in finding that healthy balance between work and family life.  


She treats our business partners as if it they were her very own! She is an essential asset working with our clients, so let Brittany help you succeed!


Fun facts about Brittany


  • Takes pride in what she does

  • Has a love for helping others 

  • Has a newborn baby who she absolutely adores 

  • Is an animal lover 

  • Would love to travel the world one day! 

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